Peer-reviewed papers

  • ARAÚJO, RODRIGO. S.; HOLMES, REID. . Lightweight Self-Adaptive Configuration Using Machine Learning. To appear in CASCON 2021.

  • ALVES, N. S. R.; ARAÚJO, RODRIGO. S.; SPÍNOLA, RODRIGO O. . A Collaborative Computational Infrastructure for Supporting Technical Debt Knowledge Sharing and Evolution. In: Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2015, Puerto Rico. 2015 Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2015.


  • Blockchain-rs (code)
    • Simple multi-node Proof-of-Work blockchain written in rust. Not trying to be the next Dogecoin.
  • LC-3-Rust (Code)
    • An LC-3 virtual machine written in Rust for learning purposes.
  • EpiMobile: Pathogen Point of Care Diagnosis and Global Surveillance using Mobile Devices (Paper, Code, Talk)
    • A conceptual model and minimal viable product (MVP) implementation of a genomics point-of-care workflow using mobile devices. It enables analyses of genomic data harvested by a portable genome sequencer and the distribution of analysis results to local clinical or healthcare teams as well as national, or global, public health agencies, whilst considering computational processing and Internet connectivity resource constraint.
  • Salvador: A Decentralized, Secure Backup System (Paper, Talk)
    • Decentralized and secure P2P storage and backup system heavily inspired by Dropbox, pStore, and CFS. Semantics of Salvador are similar to that of Dropbox in the sense that users can easily create, edit, or delete files on their computer while being able to recover such files by collecting its parts from peers and reconstructing the file locally.
  • Cross-Compatibility Checker (Paper, Code, Talk)
    • An experimental lightweight tool that automates the identification of features that are not supported by different browsers. The tool’s evaluation was twofold (i) it was able to detect cross-browser incompatibilities in 38 open source web applications; as well as (ii) a user study and qualitative survey indicates that the tool improves developers' awareness and ability to detect cross-browser incompatibilities.