Here’s a list of books I read and recommend and a list of books I’m currently reading. This document is mainly for my bookkeeping, but it might be helpful if you’re looking for some recommendations or taking a glance over where I get my inspiration from.

I do not try to read as many books as fast as I can; in fact, I’m a relatively slow reader.

I try to balance technical books (think textbooks and highly technical stuff) and non-technical books (mainly non-fiction).

Currently reading

  1. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


The ★s next to the title are my personal ratings to these books. They don’t necessarily and accurately speak for the overall quality of the work; it just means how much it impacted and influenced me.

Computer Science, Software Engineering


Learning and performance

Life advice, practical philosophy

Psychology, behavioural science

Economics, investing

General science