Hello there, I’m Rodrigo Araújo. I live in Vancouver, Canada; originally from Brazil. I’m a software engineer with a background in Computer Science.

My main interests in software are:

  • Distributed and decentralized systems;
  • Cryptography, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain;
  • Compilers (including virtual machines, interpreters, language design);
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Software engineering;
  • Formal verification.

I’m also very passionate about Philosophy, Economics, and Psychology. Whenever I’m not reading a computer science and software engineering-related book, I’m buried in books on those subjects. You can checkout my reading list on Goodreads.


I’m a core dev and team lead at Fuel Labs, where we are building the fastest modular execution layer in the blockchain industry. I wear many hats here; SDK design, compilers, virtual machine engineering, language design and tooling, distributed systems, blockchain, smart contracts, Ethereum L1 and L2, and everything in between.

I also have done a couple of noteworthy things:

  • I helped build the Machine Learning and Data Science pipeline at Jusbrasilthe largest law and government websites in the world at the time of this writing.
  • I did research in Software Engineering, more specifically, Technical Debt. It was also when I published my first paper.
  • As a result of my years as a graduate student at the University of British Columbia’s Software Practices Lab, I built and published Finch; A lightweight tool to enable self-adaptive configuration in distributed systems using Machine Learning.
  • Also, at the University of British Columbia, I worked as a teaching assistant, helping hundreds of students build better software, where I discovered an unexpected passion for mentoring and teaching.
  • I was the founding/lead engineer in some of the projects at CTO.ai, where we built developer tooling at scale. At some point, we ended up being the #1 product of the week on Product Hunt; I heard that’s a big deal?
  • As the Platform team’s tech lead/staff engineer at Cmd, I helped build crazy-scale mission-critical distributed systems that provide runtime security for cloud infrastructure. Many fantastic companies used our product: Asana, Pager Duty, NVIDIA, Robinhood, and more. It later got acquired by Elastic.

For more details, head over to my LinkedIn.