I’m Rodrigo Araújo. I live in Vancouver, Canada, though originally from Brazil. I’m a software engineer with a background in Computer Science. I build software and do research to help humans achieve greater things.

The first job I fell in love with was working as a machine learning engineer at Jusbrasilthe biggest law and government websites in the world at the time of this writing. It was the first time I felt that the code I wrote directly impacted millions of people.

Then, I decided to go to grad school at the beautiful University of British Columbia, where I was part of the Software Practices Lab working as a research software engineer on using machine learning to build reliable self-adaptive distributed systems (here’s my published thesis). Also around that time I worked as a teaching assistant helping hundreds of students to build better software, where I discovered an unexpected passion for mentoring and teaching.

I had a great time in academia, but I felt I needed to go back to that feeling of building things that have a direct positive impact on people. So I took a senior engineer / tech lead position at CTO.ai, building products, data pipelines, and distributed systems that handled copious amounts of data.

Now I’m at Cmd, building distributed systems in the security space.

For more details, head over to my LinkedIn.

Research and work

Software is eating the world and yet, it’s amazing how unreliable and internally broken most software and software practices are. This is mostly due the fact that we are a young field taking its first baby steps, and this is quite exciting. I believe it is our job, as a community, to slowly but steadily improve the way we build software. Thus, one of my personal missions is to make software more reliable and correct; by both improving software and improving how we build software.

I like working with ambitious small-to-medium size companies that are looking for making a big and good impact in society. My main interests in software are:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis, Testing, and Verification of Software
  • A mix and match of all items above

Currently I’m not open to full-time employment, but am available for consulting opportunities.